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Back to Forums > Play Tents and Tunnels > Child Play Tunnels Give Hours of Fun
Child Play Tunnels Give Hours of Fun
Posted by OutdoorFuntime on: Tuesday, March 26, 2013
BY: Lisa Mason, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Child play tunnels and tunnel tents can provide hours of indoor/outdoor fun for your child. What seems like a very simple toy is actually one of the greatest things you can ever get for young children.

When it comes to choosing child play tunnels for hours of fun for your child, you should consider the three different basic types of designs:

 1. simple tunnel

 2. dead-end tunnel

 3. tent-tunnel-combo

 Each of these three has hours of endless fun for your little one. What is a simple toy can provide a lot of basic fun for your youngster and it helps even more when you know how to make up great games for your little one to enjoy.

 You can use the child play tunnel to create a type of obstacle course based on the age and maturity level of your child. For example, a very young child will have fun just learning to crawl through the tunnel. Then as they learn more about how to move through the tunnel, you can begin adding new obstacles and challenges that will be fun for your child.

 For example, you can place a favorite toy at the end of the tunnel and ask your child to crawl through and retrieve the toy. Another idea is to have your child push a ball or toy through the tunnel and bring it to you on the other end. When your child has one hand busy with the toy, he or she will have to find a new or unique way to crawl and make it through the tunnel.

 Another technique is to have the tunnel dead end into a tent that your child can play in or stay in, depending on the size of the tunnel. You can use this tent and tunnel combo as a way for your child to explore and grow with his learning toys. If the tent and tunnel combo has multiple entrances, you can place cards with numbers on them and have your child enter or exit at certain numbers.

 There are so many more great skills in addition to crawling that your child can learn from a child play tunnel. What is a very simple and inexpensive toy can actually be one of the best learning tools you could ever choose for your child.

 Sometimes tunnels and tents may seem boring to the average adult but there are so many great things about it that make it exciting to the younger child. Try for a moment to put yourself in the mind of the child and think about how fun this could be. This will help you to think of new games and ideas for your child using the child play tunnels as tools.
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